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Eat Fat, Lose Fat

by Mary Enig and Sally Falon


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Based on more than two decades of research, "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" flouts conventional wisdom by revealing that so-called healthy vegetable oils (such as corn and soybean) are in large part responsible for our national obesity and health crisis, while the saturated fats traditionally considered harmful (from such foods as coconut, butter, and meat) are essential to weight loss and health. Just in time for the FDAs new mandatory trans fats labeling, the three programs in this book, which features delicious recipes, show that eating healthy fats is the answer to losing weight and achieving good health for a lifetime. If permanently losing weight while improving your health is a real goal, I highly recommend "Eat Fat, Lose Fat,"Dr. Joseph Mercola, bestselling author of "The No-Grain Diet" Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon are two of the most important voices in the wellness revolution. "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" is a must read. Jordan S. Rubin, author of "The New York Times" bestselling "The Makers Diet"

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Diets & Dieting
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Penguin Group, USA
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