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Mayors And Lord Mayors Of Darwin: Garry Lambert, Peter Adamson, Alec Fong Lim, List Of Mayors And Lord Mayors Of Darwin, Graeme

by Books Llc

Paperback / softback

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Chapters: Garry Lambert, Peter Adamson, Alec Fong Lim, List of Mayors and Lord Mayors of Darwin, Graeme Sawyer. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 20. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Garry Lambert is an Australian politician. He was the Lord Mayor of Darwin from 2007 to 2008. He was the unsuccessful Country Liberal Party candidate for the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly seat of Fannie Bay in the 2008 election. Lambert was an alderman on the Darwin City Council prior to his election as Lord Mayor, and begun his working life in the Territory as a teacher. He has lived in various locations throughout the Territory, and had first entered politics when he was made secretary of the Mataranka Progress Association. Lambert was elected to the role of Lord Mayor on 31 July 2007, after the resignation of disgraced former mayor Peter Adamson, convicted of stealing from the Darwin City Council. Following the conviction on 16 July 2007, the deputy mayor of the time, Allan Mitchell, acted as Lord Mayor for the remainder of the month. During this time the city council elected Lambert as their leader from their own ranks an unprecedented event in Darwin's history, which usually votes for the mayor via public by-elections. Lambert publicly described himself as the caretaker of the role during his reign, much of which was spent dealing with the troubled legacy of his predecessor, and did not contest the April 2008 mayoral election, when he was succeeded by Graeme Sawyer. Lambert began expressing an interest contesting the 2008 territory election for the conservative Country Liberal Party not long after his retirement as Lord Mayor. He subsequently won preselection for the seat of Fannie Bay, a marginal seat being vacated by former Chief Minister Clare Martin. He was immediately touted as a...More: http://booksllc.net/?id=15554263

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Paperback / softback
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Books LLC
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22 pages
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152 x 229

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