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Bitch in Praise of Difficulty: In Praise of Difficult Women

by Elizabeth Wurtzel


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"Feminist writing has become dry, " writes Elizabeth Wurtzel, "I want make it wet again." And so she does in this brilliant tract on the history of conniving female behavior. By looking at women who derive all their power from their sexuality, Wurtzel offers a trenchant cultural critique of contemporary gender relations. Wurtzel also examines how the power of sexual allure undermines the credibility of women--especially those who break the mold or refuse the roles imposed on them. In an attempt to understand why it is still so hard for most Americans to reconcile serious women with their sexuality, Wurtzel writes, "Quite simply, the bitch role offers women the only option they have to be both powerful and sexy; all other representations of powerful women essentially come down to Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir."Wurtzel tells a tale both celebratory and cautionary as she catalogues some of the most infamous women in history and draws provocative parallels to women today, whether agitating on Biblical gals, Lolitas, Trophy Brides, Political Wives, Femme Fatales, Dazzling Depressives, Groupies or It Girls, Elizabeth's prose is as outrageous and various as the women whose miseries she chronicles: Delilah, Sharon Stone, Princess Di, Pam Smart, Kimba Wood, Amy Fisher, Bette Davis, Courtney Love, Nicole Simpson and the wife of Potiphar to name a few.Wurtzel is back with a bitchography that cuts to the core of our so-called gender wars. An idiosyncratic history of desperate sexual manipulators by one of the most sexy and manipulative writers around.

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Gender studies: women
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Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc
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United States
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