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Cute Overload Page-a-Day Calendar: 365 Days Of Impossibly Cute Photos


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So cute it 's redonkulous. The bestselling calendar adapted from the blog annointed #1 Mood Lifter ( Time magazine), Cute Overload proves that there 's nothing like a sweet animal face to bring happiness and smiles. Who knew cute comes in so many guises? Feast your soul on prosh bunny rabbits. Roly-poly hamsters. Cuddly kittens by the basketful. Puppy dog eyes to the max. Plus ducklings, penguins, ferrets, lovably goofy pandas, prickly hedgies, wobbly-legged lambs, and teeny-weeny caterpillars. Witty captions enhance the awww factor even more. Includes the Rules of Cuteness ( #38: Curved, plump bellehs are cute ).

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