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by Crowded House


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Where Crowded House's previous album, Temple of Low Men, showcased the often dark side of a man alone with his thoughts, Woodface represents the joy of reunion and the freedom of a collaborative effort -- more than half of the album was originally conceived as a Finn Brothers project, which was Tim and Neil's first crack at writing together. The songs are easily their finest to date, combining flawless melodies and the outstanding harmonies of the brothers' perfectly matched voices. ~ Chris Woodstra

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Release Date:
Capitol/EMI Records / Capitol

Woodface track listing

  1. Disc 1

    1. Chocolate Cake (4:20)
    2. It's Only Natural (4:32)
    3. Fall at Your Feet (3:18)
    4. Tall Trees (2:19)
    5. Weather With You (4:44)
    6. Whispers and Moans (4:39)
    7. Four Seasons in One Day (3:50)
    8. There Goes God (4:50)
    9. Fame Is (2:23)
    10. All I Ask (4:55)
    11. As Sure as I Am (3:53)
    12. Italian Plastic (4:39)
    13. She Goes On (3:15)
    14. How Will You Go (5:45)

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