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Bookworld eBooks can be read on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, a huge range of eReaders and Macs and PCs. Select your FREE Bookworld App from the options below and follow the guide to get started with eReading.

eReading Apps eReading App for Android eReading App - iPad eReading App - iPhone
Sony Reader users Sony Reader for Mac Sony Reader for PC Using ADE
Using ADE with eReaders Using ADE Kobo Wifi Desktop App Kobo Wifi Desktop App


Did you have an eLibrary on
Any eBooks that were in your Borders eLibrary have now been transitioned to your eLibrary along with information about your Borders order history. You can login to your account and eLibrary using the same login details you used on Borders, there is no need to create a new account if you had one with and are now exploring Bookworld.

Do you need to update your App?
If you previously used a Borders app to access your eBooks, you can continue to download and read your eBooks by using our free Bookworld apps for your computers and mobile devices.

If you are downloading to an Android or Apple device and you previously had a Borders app installed, you will be prompted to update to the new Bookworld one when you next access the app.

If you are using a Kobo Touch or other eReader, PDF and ePub formatted eBooks can be downloaded to your computer using Adobe Digital Editions.

If you have a Kobo Wifi and previously used the Borders desktop app, you will need to uninstall this and replace it with the new Bookworld app.

Please see our guides for more information about accessing our eBooks with your eReading device.