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Kobo Glo HD

E-book reader

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Kobo Glo HD enhances your reading experience with the clearest, most book-like HD touchscreen plus the added comfort of adjustable fonts and built-in ComfortLight.

Measures 115 x 157 x 9.2 mm. 180g

6” Carta E Ink HD touchscreen. 1448 x 1072, 300 ppi Resolution

ComfortLight: Built-in front light technology with coating for durability & even light distribution

Super fast Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection.
Micro USB

Supported formats:



Battery Life:
Up to 2 Months*

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Other features:
Library personalisation, predictive search, brightness controls, double-tap PDFzoom in, SimpleTurn™ page turning. Built-in Dictionary. Highlight text and type notes. Kobo Welcome Concierge Service.

*Actual results are based on individual usage and may vary. Battery life is measured with Wi Fi turned off.

Kobo Glo Features

Kobo Glo

Read Clearly Day or Night
With the simple touch of a button, Kobo Glo’s built-in ComfortLight offers unmatched even diffusion of light on the page, rather than on your eyes, for comfortable reading in the dark. Use the dimmer to adjust the ComfortLight brightness to find the perfect setting for you.

Kobo Glo

6" eInk Pearl Screen
6" eInk Pearl Screen offers higher contrast, sharper images, faster* search and page turns in a more compact device. A glare-free screen lets you read anywhere, even in direct sunlight.

Kobo Glo

Infrared Touchscreen
Navigate and turn pages on your Kobo Glo with the touch of your finger. Double tap to zoom in on PDFs, hold to reveal advanced options and drag the locator to quickly skim through pages or jump to any page in your book.

Battery Life and Built in WiFi
With up to one month of battery life**, you can continue enjoying your Kobo Glo for up to 10,000 page turns. Easily shop and add books in seconds directly from your Kobo Glo†

Carry a Library
Carry up to 1000 eBooks*** in your library at once on your Kobo Glo. Want to expand your storage? Just add an SD memory card (up to 32GB) and increase your storage by as many as 32,000 books.

Enhanced eReading Experience
Adjust the text on your Kobo Glo to suit your eyes perfectly, with over 24 font sizes and 11 styles. Find your books with improved search, highlight passages, bookmark pages and find a word with the built-in Merriam-Webster Collegiate® dictionary.

* Compared to the Kobo Touch.
** Over 1 month of battery life with Wi Fi turned off.
*** Based on the average book size of 1MB.