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Michelle Bridges: Project Ripped!:

DVD Movie

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Shred Fat, Build Muscle and get RIPPED
Australia’s favourite trainer is in the shape of her life and she wants to share her secret with you!
Michelle Bridges' new fitness DVD, Project Ripped is a unique mix of super strength, intense cardio and fat shredding core moves – all designed to get you RIPPED, FAST!
Michelle’s famous “Rapid Results” style of training is results driven and features 3 incredible workouts rolled into 1.
Each exercise has been carefully crafted to strengthen your muscles, increase your fitness and sculpt your core, making the workout up to 3 times more effective than other strength and conditioning programs.
The secret is performing short intervals of exercise at a very high intensity, which everyone at any level of fitness can achieve. As your strength and fitness increase, so will your ability to perform each interval.
In as little as 10 minutes a day you can achieve a strong, fit and muscular body, which is TOTALLY RIPPED!

Running time: approx 58 mins

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